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Product Name: Electric Flexible Metal Conduit With Nylon Sealing Cord
Listing Date: 24 2017,04
Expiration Date: 24 2017,10
Product Origin: china
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electric Flexible metal Conduit With nylon sealing Cord Packing
Flexible metal hose,square locked, with rubber cord,cotton cord packing

This conduit is available with a 4 types of packing materials to help increase
the pressure rating of the hose and allow for vacuum applications.
Flexible metal hose, square locked, with packing
*Square-locked galvanized steel strip?construction, with sealing cord packing
(cotton, nylon, rubber or copper wire packed)
*Packing for increased strength and air or moisture tightness
*High tensile strength *Also suitable for use as ventilation or as materials conveying ductings


With/Without Sample:   No