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Product Name: Heavy Series Over Braided Metal Liquid Tight Conduit Fl
Listing Date: 10 2017,03
Expiration Date: 10 2017,09
Product Origin: china
Lead/Delivery Time:

Trade Lead Details/Specifications:

heavy series over BRAIDED METAL liquid tight conduit flexible conduit fittings for machine control wiring

Constructions & features:
1)The core made of galvanized steel strips, hellically wound
with PVC covering. Providing good mechanical protection and
water tightness.
2) Metal wire over braiding provides increased pressure rating
(explosion proof),abrasion resistant and EMI shielding.

Suitable for:
1)Industrial enviroments, expecially suitable for
protections of machineries cables and wiring in wet and
hazardous locations.
2)Tele-communications equipments. EMI shielding of calbes.
3)Computer room wirings.
4)Public electrical facilities and installations.


With/Without Sample:   No