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Product Name: Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit,heav
Listing Date: 29 2014,01
Expiration Date: 29 2014,07
Product Origin: china
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Delikon Heavy Series over braided Flexible Conduit,Heavy Series fittings For industry CABLE management
In the field of automation all cable management systems need to withstand some harsh conditions concerning flexibility. Motion intensive, continuous cycling machinery can stress conduit systems in every direction at high speed with repetitive movements including swivel actions.

The ability to work at high speed for long periods is an essential prerequisite with total reliability in hostile or no maintenance applications . Delikon heavy series flexible conduit & fittings systems installed in this environment can be relied upon for one or all of the following properties: high fatigue life performance; protection for abrasion; be highly flexible; first-class pullout strength and include antistatic properties.


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