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Product Name: Emc Shielded Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Metal c
Listing Date: 26 2014,01
Expiration Date: 26 2014,07
Product Origin: china
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EMc shielded Heavy series OVER braided flexible metal conduit for oil industry cable

Where applications are within arduous areas then Delikon braided flexible conduit systems offer a complete protection in addition to EMI screening and antistatic characteristics. They are suited to the most demanding environments and the metal outer braiding can be used to suit demanding conditions.
Typical application within automation using Braided Flexible Conduit systems include, pick-n-place robotics, material handling systems, conveyor and loading systems, inspection, measurement and test in addition to automated cleanroom installations.

Electric Flexible EMC shieldED metal conduits,steel wire braided
Electrical Braided Flexible METAL Conduit protecting heavy industry cables


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