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Product Name: Sell Dc-dc Converter / Tke0303d-1w
Listing Date: 10 2018,01
Expiration Date: 10 2018,02
Product Origin: China
Lead/Delivery Time: 2 WKS

Trade Lead Details/Specifications:

Summary Description:
"1W Isolated Miniature Single Output DC/DC Converters
The TKE miniature series of DC/DC Converters is suited to isolating and/or converting DC power rails. A smaller package size, improved efficiency, lower output ripple and 3kVDC isolation.The wide temperature range guarantees startup from -40 degree centigrade and full 1 watt output at 85 degree centigrade.
Basic Terms:
1 Type TKE Series
2 Isolation voltage 3kVDC Isolation
3 Pinout Industry standard pinout
4 Related certificate RoHS compliant
5 Output voltage 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V,15V
6 Input voltage 3.3V, 5V, 12V
7 Power Density 2.09W/cm3
8 Footprint 0.69cm2
9 Pin connection 6 PIN DIP:1(+Vin),2(-Vin),4(-Vout)),5(OV),6(+Vout)
14 PIN DIP:1(-Vin),7(NC),8(OV),9(+Vout),11(-Vin),14(+Vout)
10 Package material UL 94V-0 Package Material
11 Package styles Sub-Miniature SIP & DIP Styles
12 Temprature characteristic Wide Temperature performance at full 1 Watt load,-40 degree centigrade to 85 degree centigrade
13 MOQ 1 pc
14 Terms of payment Western Union,T/T
15 Terms of delivery DHL / UPS / EMS / TNT
16 Delivery time 7-12 working days


Model Number:   KE0303D-1W
Production/Supply Ability:   5000
Price (US$):   3.26
Payment Terms:   T/T L/C,PAYPAL
Price Terms:   USD
Lead/Delivery Time:   2 WKS
With/Without Sample:   Yes