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Product Name: China Internal Mixer/ Banbury Mixer/ Rubber Internal
Listing Date: 26 2017,09
Expiration Date: 26 2017,10
Product Origin: China
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China Internal mixer/ Banbury mixer/ Rubber internal mixer,Application: It is used for plasticating and mixing for rubber or plastics etc.
The improved tangential and intermeshing rotor could meet most customers ' formula and processing requirements.
Tangential type rotor has two-wings, four-wings six-wings structure, Intermeshing-type rotor has the width edge and similar to that of involute meshing area, improve rubber dispersion and cooling effect, guarantee the quality of rubber mixing.
China Dalian second Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972.The company covers an area of 15,0000 square meters, the total number of employees 530 people, including production workers: 440 people, engineering and research staff: 86 people. Industrial output value: 150 million yuan.
Main products has: China internal mixer, China Open mill, China Dispersion kneader, Banbury mixer, Mixing mill, Rubber kneader, Rubber calender etc.


Model Number:   China Internal mixer/ Banbury mixer/ Rubber intern
Price (US$):   1
Packaging:   China Internal mixer/ Banbury mixer/ Rubber intern
With/Without Sample:   No