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Lab Centrifuge 4,500rpm Brushless Motor

Model: shanghai, china

Product Origin: shanghai, china

H.S CODE: 8421199090
Model: L-450
Max. speed: 4500rpm
Max. RcF: 2850*g
Max. Capacity: angle rotor 24*10/5ml, 18x 7/10ml, 12*20/15ml, 6x 50ml
swing-out rotor 8x 15ml, 4x 50ml, 2*2*15ml +2*50ml
Timer Range :1 min~99 min
Brake: Automatic
Motor: Brushless motor
Speed accuracy: ±50r/min
Noise ≤65dB (A)
Finish: Body ABS once completed,
Construction: ABS rotor or stainless steel rotor
Weight 18 kg
Dimension: 39*43*54 cm
Power consumption drive:120W
Voltage 110V or 220~240V
• CE, IS09001 certification
• Microcomputer control, DC brushless motor.
• LED display, Speed/RCF and time display.
Digital display (LED). LED screen is shown RPM/RCF and time.
• Silent, constant and stable, touching panel.
• RCF is automatically calculated.
• Over speed and imbalance protection.
• Electronic lock and emergency lid release are available.
• A variety of rotors, a variety of pipe support, user-selected.
• with electronic door locks, over speed and imbalance protection, safe and reliable. With automatic functions.
•Widely used in hospital, research institutes, laboratories and other biochemical serum, plasma, and pharmaceutical products for the qualitative analysis.