shandong xinda fine chemcial

Model: Zibo Shandong

Product Origin: Zibo Shandong

Commodity name: Beta cyclodextrin
CAS: 7585-39-9
Specification: Cp 2005, usp 25, ep 6.0

Detailed specification:
A: Appearance: White crystalline powder
B: pH value: 5.0-8.0
C: Specific rotation: 159-164
D: Assay: 98.0-102%
E: Moisure: 14% max
F: Reducing sugars: 0.1% max
G: Heavy metal: 10 ppm max
H: Rezedue ignition: 0.1% max

Aerobic count: 1000 ceu/g max
Moulds and yeasts: 100 ceu/g max
Escherichia coli and salmonella: Absent

Beta cyclodextrin is a kind of oligosaccharides generated from starch under the action of glucose transfers, with particular closed carridge molecular structure. It can be used as inclusion substance for many kinds of materials.
In pharmaceuticals: Beta cyclodextrin are not irritant and offer distinct advantages, such as the stabilisation of active compounds. Reduction in votatility of the drug molecules, and masking of malodours and bitter tastes.

Main functions:
1. Protection of materials against oxidation and UV-degradation during storage and processing.
2. Masking of bitterness and terrible odour of foods and drugs.
3. Stabilization of flavours and spices.
4. Conversion of liquid materials into dry form.
5. Improve of solubility of materials with low solubility in water.
6. Emulsification of hydrocarbons, steroids, fats and fatty acids.
7. Controlled release of drugs and flavours.
8. Catalyst for chemical reactions.