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How do I join?

Please click here, JUST following the guidance, complete the register form. Once you submit your information, an email of confirmation will be sent to you. Check it and activate your membership, you will own your own account in CCN.

Is it really free?

Funded by the Chinese government, China Commodity Net (CCN) is one of MOFCOM Public Information Service (MPIS) projects. As an important part of China national public information service system for international trade and economic cooperation, CCN aims to promote cooperating and trading between the Chinese enterprises and overseas ones. It is really free either for nonmembers or members.

How do I submit my company information?

Pleasw sign up for CCN Member to win your own display space and post offer. As a CCN Member, when you post your offer, you will get free from the repeat of completing your contact information, and have the right of re-edit your offers. All of those functions are free of charge.


If you are an exporter and manufacture, looking for buying opportunities, you can directly browse or search in offers to buy.

If you are an importer, you can visit the products categories to source our database, which contains 600,000 Chinese enterprises and 2,200,000 products. You can also source or search in offers to sell.

f you want to post your own offers and let

How does CCN help exporters, manufacturers and importer?
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