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Why join? Why be a Free member?

CCN is your comprehensive guide to the Chinese Market. Join CCN, surf freely in the Business World. As a CCN Member, you will have the following benefits:

      *to edit your Register Information.
        *to create/edit your business profile including company introduction, company profile,   product catalogs.
*to own your exclusive space to display your company and products.
        *Your business profile will be automatically displayed in the column of Latest offer .
       *to post your newest offers without refilling your profile. The offer will be added to your original displaying space automatically.
       *to Receive, and send message / enquiry.
*to Contact with other companies.
       *to Own your Favorites to save information you are interested in.
       *to Receive Biz Opportunity Bi-weekly
       *to Search/manage other CCN members, to expand your contact group.
*to subscribe/unsubscribe Matching Information

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