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How to search suppliers and importers on CCN?

Our website provides you with several search enqines to find suppliers. One is the Advanced Search, you can use it by Product Name, Company Name,and HS Code with 4 filters.You can also filter the results list by certain origins.Another is the Catergoy Browse, just follow it to your targets. Other is the channel of Quality Database Community ,We provide three search methods.One is search by certification, one is search by origins and the other is search by keyword for results with pictures.

You can also search suppliers in latest offers.

If you want to search importers, please search them in latest offers, just input the product name and then choose Buyer offers from members or nonmembers.

Note:The email addresses of the Companyies you have found are open to CCN members.Please register as CCN free member first, then you will be abble to see the emails and even contact them online.


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