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1.Any comment on lawbreaking and disobey of Constitution, Reform and Opening Up and Four Basic Principles are prohibited.
2.Any rumors or slanders on the Board are prohibited.
3.Information without confirmation is not allowed. Indicate your experiences.
4.Please do not spam this board with any commercial adverts.
5.Real name and contact ways of yours are needed.
6.Take direct or indirect responsibility caused by any comment.
7.The same enquiry is prohibited to release over once each day.
8.Any offer to Buy, Sell & Cooperation are prohibited; please post them on
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Procedure of Public Comment
1.Regarding to those public comments that could not be given direct reply, editor would answer them directly.
2.Editor would deliver some comments that involved in specific professional fields and couldn't directly answer to relative departments of CCN to make replies within 5 working days.
3.Editor would transfer the suggestions and criticism to related departments of CCN for working reference in the future, no reply in principle.
4.As for public comment left from Monday to Friday, they would be treated with in time; On Saturday and Sunday, comment could be published but no reply in the current day.
5.As for important public comment, they would be extracted by week and month and be submitted to Ministers.

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