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Latest Bulletin
Canada to export more agri-foods to China
25 2013,11
Sri Lanka's largest trade exhibition with Chinese participants attract 1 bln USD investment
25 2013,11
China duties for Indian, Japanese pyridine imports
22 2013,11
China to study possibility of joining TPP: MOC

China will study the possibility of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, a Ministry of Commerce (MOC) spokesman said on Thursday.

"We will analyze the advantages, disadvantages and the possibility of joining the TPP, based on careful research and according to principles of equality and mutual benefit," said MOC spokesman Shen Danyang.

He made the remarks at a news briefing in response to a question regarding China's attitude to joining the TPP, which is a proposed free trade agreement under negotiation by 12 nations including the United States, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan.

"China also hopes to exchange information and materials with TPP members on the negotiations," according to the spokesman.

Shen said that the diversification of the regional economic situation should be considered in building the free trade zone, and openness, inclusiveness and transparency should be advocated.

Source: Xinhua

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22 2013,11
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20 2013,11
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20 2013,11