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Products/Services We Offer: Water heating apparatus, Small household electric appliance for cookroom.
Primary Business Type: Manufacturer Trader
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Business Started In:  1995
Number of Employees:  12000
Last updated: a year ago    UPDATE NOW
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Company: Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd.
Address: South Zhenghe Road, Leliu Town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Zip Code: 528322
Liaison: Yi Yangbo
Job Title: General Inspector
Telephone: +86-757-25333888 +86-
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E-mail: Members Only
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Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd.
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Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe
Introduction:Two temperature controls, 15bar pressure pump Kapuqinuo system device, adjustable steam production, antisepsis processing, lever-type upper leak device.
H.S CODE:85167190
Model:XQ-626, XQ4633
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe
Introduction:Digital control, LCD digital display, 12 hours delay, 60 minute heat preservation, 15 minutes memory function after power off,microcomputer control,super large screen digital liquid crystal display, true tridimensional circle low temperature, not easily losing nutrition,self-checking function of short circuit, broken circuit, environmental protection nanometer filming inner pan.
H.S CODE:85167210
Model:XBM438, XBM1338
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Introduction:Adjusting temperature freely with adjustable temperature control;60 minute setting, free selection of working hours:high temperature resistance glass door, fashionable and duration.
H.S CODE:85166090
Model:XBD-9358, XBD-9278, XBD-9338
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Introduction:Automatic power off, 7-gears power control;controlling bake-out period and burning colorant of bread, automatic defrosting.
H.S CODE:8516722000
Model:XB-8865C, XB-8023C, XB-8773, XB-8323
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Introduction:Salver microlite plate, circular VFD display, one key-controlled silvered plastic shell, grey primary colors pedestal.
H.S CODE:85166010
Model:DLJ-C16B11, DLJ-C20GB
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Introduction:Lifting frying basket, adjustable oil temerature,Teflon non-sticking oil pan, self-marketing function of pan cover, separable pan body, convenient to clean.
H.S CODE:85166090
Model:XB-5223, XB-5366, XB-5238
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe Africa Oceania
Introduction:Environmental protection nanometer filming antisepsis internal container, 13 hours delaying function,triple security protection,anti-leakage, security anti-locking, automatic defrosting,tridimensional aluminium silvering brand, European fashionable design, LED dynamic display.
H.S CODE:85165000
Model:XB-2218, XB-2818G
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Introduction:Stirring egges into frangipani; mixing flour, egg and cake; saving time and labour when stirring.
H.S CODE:84388000
Model:HM-945, HM-916
China Export Statistics (2014) :
Introduction:mall volume and portable, multiple protection function,safety and reliablity; human design,high grade artwork appearance,imported plastic; certificated by FDA, without plastic smell, original orange juice.
H.S CODE:85094010
Model:XB-133, XB-533, XB-433, XB-523
China Export Statistics (2014) :
H.S CODE:85167910
China Export Statistics (2014) :
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