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Special-shaped blade

H.S CODE: 84324200

Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe Africa Oceania

Blade blade industrial co., LTD. - xiamen blue rainbow special-shaped blade factory is professional, dedicated, precision, special-shaped, blade processing, search "the flying blade factory" can find more product pictures.
Rainbow blade factory was founded in 2005, is specialized in the processing of stainless steel food machinery blade, special blade, precise special-shaped blade, rainbow has the exquisite production technology, sophisticated production equipment and perfect management system. A technical team of younger, better educated and more professionally competent is flying blade manufacturers one of the leading enterprises in the same industry rapidly, strong global information network and sales network, make the company's products with international brand and market To develop steadily and leading domestic counterparts.

Rainbow stainless steel special-shaped knife factory production and processing as follows:
1: stainless steel blade blade | | food machinery blade precision blades | | bending blade |
2: Angle blade blade | | triangle carving blade special blade | | small blades
3: bread knife blade | | bread machine bread slicer knife blade | | melon and fruit round agricultural machinery blade | | packaging blades
4: cutting blade | pork floss blade | chopping blade | mince machine blade | meat grinder blade |
5: the blades made | jagged blade blade | | paper stickers knife blade | | printer cutting blade blade straight blade | | | two-edged mouth industrial blades
6: double blade blade thin blade | | | 3 hole sharpener blade blade | | cans surgical blade special blade manufacturers | | 420 j2 paper cutting blade | SKs - 7 blade | cutting cloth
7: corrugated blade | circular tooth blade blade | | sewing machine bag sealer blade blade tooth blade | | | plastic wrap and melon and fruit knife blade | | arc
8: pizza knife blade | | cut cloth leather cutting blade blade blade special blade | | | mirror blade electrode electrode blade | more | ion blade knife blade | | plum blossom tornado special blade | |
9: paring knife blade | | herbs cut wire | planer slice | sus420 blade | v-shaped blade | front blade
10: manganese steel blade horticultural blade | | gardening scissors | gao zhi scissors pills | | fruit scissors carbon steel blade | T | knives in manufacturing | lawn mower blade | pastry blade | pruning shears | trimmer | rare fruit cut | the hedge shears cut | | mulberry pick orange cut cut cut cut garden | | | branch apple
The rainbow on the basis of the superior quality, in order to accurate market positioning, over the years by the peer praise and user's consistent high praise, in the process of production, for each product strict process and testing standards, to ensure superior product quality, by the vast number of users trust.