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Concave convex drainage water storage board


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Concave convex drainage water storage board

Plastic drainage lug


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Plastic drainage lug for garage roof top to reduce load, reduce waterlogging, now has been defined as the garage roof drainage necessary materials, highlights the construction problems in the construction process of drainage lugs are likely to encounter:
Deep into the 1, strict control of plastic drainage lug, when pulling the catheter with a plastic drainage lug length is greater than 0.5m, have to make, install and installation of plastic drainage lug process may be distorted, even to reduce bulge laying!
2, plastic drainage lugs should not take long, transverse need buckled, longitudinal joints after welding, installation after the drainage plate should not be exposed to pollution, the timely removal of drainage around the plate to bring out the mud and sand backfilling.
3, in the process of construction, inspection, record, make original records and finishing, in strict accordance with the construction standard construction deviation control, it is necessary in the case of measuring line pull
Building waterproofing industry excellent construction enterprise Daxing drainage board occupation planning:
1, Daxing "hundred years of construction waterproof with care" as the enterprise mission, vigorously popularize the knowledge and technique of waterproof. Dashin waterproof has for several years been awarded a national building waterproofing industry outstanding construction enterprises.

2, as the country's first waterproof repair service enterprises Jiezhuang company Daxing with our focus on building waterproof quality of large and medium-sized real estate developers, construction companies, to establish a long-term strategic partnership, and gradually improve the domestic sales and engineering network. Plastic drainage lug manufacturers http://www.beijingpaishuiban.com
The reason for the garage roof drainage materials are as follows:
1 plastic tabs in light weight, displacement of the same conditions, is 1% of the weight of gravel;
2 Da Xing plastic drainage lug, convenient transportation, greatly reduce the heavy labor, transportation, move the stone;
The 3 construction is convenient, in completing the same hydrophobic layer area of laying stones hydrophobic layer time 1%.
4 plastic drainage lug construction is simple, easy, people, time, is building a "Star" begin to display talents so it is a kind of new building materials by the construction industry, the Design Institute, the construction unit of the welcome.

20 drainage plate


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Up to 20 drainage board products introduced:
Color: black, grass green, dark green. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
Product application: Roof garden, garage roof, golf course, public building, square, Park Road, and other green projects.
Product advantages: uniform drainage, drainage improvement effect, reserve water for greening, water reserves, regulating water supply, thermal insulation and moisture retention, energy and water saving, soil permeability good, is conducive to the fabric of oxygen and moisture absorption, large bearing capacity, light load, the construction is simple and portable, durable environmental protection.
20 drainage plate construction specifications:
1, please in a dry, ventilated environment, the storage of drainage boards, to prevent exposure, away from the fire source.
2, please put the water and drainage protection board, shall not tilt, stacking height of not more than 3, can not be heavy.
3, laying should be smooth, natural, or in accordance with the direction of water flow.
4, when the single layer of soil and cloth to ensure that the 150cm, lap joints with plastic or sand compaction to avoid moving, and then backfill, the first layer of backfill to ensure a solid after the next step, layered backfill will be Su Mi.
1, penglian drainage plate, loose natural expansion laid a good position planning.
2, drainage board can be paved in the direction of vertical or horizontal drainage gradient.
3, lap must be in accordance with the direction of the direction of the slope of the drainage lap, do not allow reverse lap.
4, need to locate the position or shape change parts need temporary fixed, the use of the pitch.
The end of the 5, drainage board design to determine the position of the building need to shut.