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Products/Services We Offer: Natural rubber processing equipment at the beginning, Slow down, Fan.
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Company: Zhanjiang Weida Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Liaison: Miss. Liang
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Zhanjiang Weida Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Export area:Central-South America ASIA
Introduction:Speed of mainshaft: 59r/min; cutter head quantity: 15; cutter head diameter: 500mm; stationary knife plate quantity: 33; power: 250kw; output: 3000kg/h.
H.S CODE:84778000
Yarn Winding Machine
Introduction:Yarn winding machine is a practical plant fiber machine and more advanced in China. It makes different size yarn into international standard cylindrical products. Yarn is winded tightly, beautiful and easy to transport. Yarn winding machine has some characters of reasonable structure, easy operation and high efficiency that it is special equipment for winding fiber yarn.
H.S CODE:84778000
Introduction:SLAB CUTTER imposes rotating roller and fixed cutters to do the opposite movement so that cut rubber lumps into smaller rubber lumps or as your request. The broken rubber lumpss push to mesh to remove sundries and then flow into pool so as to achieve breaking, washing & removing sundries.
SLAB CUTTER is a high-efficient machine for crushing rubber lumps and the more important machine for rubber processing. It crushes all rubber lumps to be smaller sizes and show out sundries to clean clearly, which is easy to do next work of dehydration processing.

H.S CODE:84778000
Hot Air Burner
Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA
Introduction:RFL hot-blast & coal-fired burner is a high efficiency & new equipment with our several years' experience in source of heat. The equipment collects burning and exchanging heat in its system,adapts the newest heating technology with the high exchanging temperature part of stove pact to carry out heat exchange and reverse Multilayer flowing.
Smoke and air travel their channel separately, no pollution when it is heating. The heat efficiency is more than 70%, temperature is raised quickly, power is consume lower, volume is compact and small, fixing is convenient, and operation is reliable.
This stove is much longer than the Pipe Stove, as it adopt high anti-temperature method. Its heat capacity is more stable, output of temperature is over 250íŠ.All the technical target of the furnace has got the advanced level in China. And widely use in chemical industry, food industry, rubber industry, fishery industry, medicine industry, feed processing industry and so on.
H.S CODE:84778000
Export area:ASIA
Introduction:Home roll barrel adopts alloy casting, corrosion proof, anti abrasive, compactness, high water removal efficiency, convenient feeding, few power consumption.
H.S CODE:84778000
Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Africa
Introduction:CZQ Marine Reducer is improved gear reducer, which is based on ZQ reducer standard. It is mainly developed for fishing boat in China, its scope of application as the following:
1. High-speed shaft speed is less than 1500r/min
2. Gear rotating circle speed is less than 20mm/s.
3. Working environment temperature is 40-45 íŠ. We should preheat lubricating oil more than 0íŠ before working, if working environment temperature is less than 0 íŠ.
H.S CODE:84778000
Export area:Central-South America ASIA
Introduction:Twin Helixes Crushing & Extruding Washing Machine is main processing equipment used for washing and breaking nature standard rubber lump in rubber production line. The fresh latex clots were crushed and kneaded to be some certain size & no-sundry rubber lumps by rubber pre-breaker machine and entered them to this machine to make washing and crushing processing so that get oblong rubber lumps in order to thin and expanse them easily.
H.S CODE:84778000
4-72 Centrifugal Fan
Export area:North America ASIA
Introduction:Fan consists of impeller, inlet wind tuyere, machine frame, transmission part etc.
Motor connects directly or works transmission part so as to impeller to rotate at a high speed. Rotating mechanical energy is converted to gas pressure energy and kinetic energy, and transport the air out through machine frame.
Centrifugal fan is applicable to carry out air mixture with woodiness, fiber or dust etc.
H.S CODE:84778000
Chain booster
Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA
Introduction:Working Principle:
Shaft through the coupling in the reducer, driven by high-speed rotation, thereby stimulating the active and passive rotation sprocket to push forward to the role of materials.
The machine is drying equipment in the rubber push delivery of transport equipment, rubber.
H.S CODE:84778000
Rubber Extruder
Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe Africa Oceania
Introduction:Working Principle:
Mounted on a spindle on the use of the knife, and three body assembly in the host set on the rotary cutter relative movement chopped rubber, as the process of shearing, friction and heat generated by extrusion of plastic material so that the water content decreased, White removed to enhance homogeneity.
After the drying process of the growth of large rubber shape strip of rubber articles, thereby reducing the water content of the rubber, eliminating white, half-cooked, and enhance the uniformity of rubber.
H.S CODE:84778000
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