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Products/Services We Offer: Chemical pesticide
Primary Business Type: Manufacturer
Code for Imp. & Exp.:
Business Started In:  1999
Number of Employees:  60
Last updated: a year ago    UPDATE NOW
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Company: Tianjin Jiekang Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address: Changhong Chemical Factory, Chenzui Township, Wuqing, Tianjin, China
Zip Code: 301700
Liaison: Yang Guoyi
Job Title: Manager
Telephone: +86-22-83718916 +86-
Fax: Members Only
E-mail: No Supply
Website: No Supply
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Register Number Of Business License
Production License for Industrial Products
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Tianjin Jiekang Chemical Co., Ltd.
H.S CODE:38089990
China Export Statistics (2014) :